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Using methodology created to help penoplasty patients, the Andropenis Gold device carries that philosophy forward to give you a premium approach to masculine concerns. The research-driven traction method offers a steady stretching motion in a premium five-part, gold-plated device. This comfortable yet powerful design is advocated by medical professionals around the world, and is perfectly designed for your ease and discretion.

  • Premium approach to male enhancement
  • Two decades experience & knowledge
  • Founding proponent of traction method
  • Over a million customers around the world
  • Superior medically approved materials
  • Five-part devices adjusts to changing needs

You may well feel like you’ve tried every male enhancement product out there, from creams to tablets – but until you’ve given the traction method a go, you don’t know what you’re missing! By buying the Andropenis Gold, you’re entering into a collaborative relationship with certified, professional experts, in whom you can securely place your trust. Simultaneously, you have ultimate control over your own progress. With daily use of this revolutionary method, you can take steps to make the most of what concerns you most.

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  • ISO
  • Clinically Proven
  • CE Certified

Biggest is Best

One particular aspect of masculine anatomy has become representative of power, virility and strength – and there’s no doubting which! There can equally be no doubt that male concerns about this area were always bound to arise, as it means so much more to each individual man than a simple means of giving physical pleasure (although that’s important, too!). Some level of dissatisfaction was therefore inevitable amongst the population, with some feeling effects everywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom. Despite the fact that the men with the highest levels of insecurity are those most likely to fall into entirely normal bounds, there will always be a few determined to find a way forward.

The Application of Traction

Experts across the medical and scientific fields have acknowledged one method as valuable regarding the concern of an undersized and misshapen male organ: extenders that make use of traction force. This can be progressively used on any selective organ to take advantage of the natural body phenomenon cytokinesis. The gradual stretching motion strives to lead to cells’ division and multiplication, and as a result the creation of new tissues.

Moreover, notable, committed investigation stands strong behind the application of this technique on the masculine tissue, with astonishing amounts of research. Differing approaches, including both other devices, pills and surgeries, have been knocked out of all consideration by these findings. Of particular importance, the British Journal of Urology has detailed how extenders utilising traction "represent the only evidence-based [non-surgical] technique" of boosting masculinity. It’s even been suggested that it be used to target curvature! Further powerful research has stated that "results did not deteriorate once usage was stopped". With discretion, ease, and expert knowledge this scientifically-driven method is 100% ready to take its place in your life.

Andropenis Gold

This device began in one iconic setting: the laboratory. Andromedical has been investigating aids to male intimate concerns, from proportions, shape, and other dysfunctions for over twenty years, with a decided focus on providing regular men with superior quality products. The Andropenis Gold is no exception to this philosophy. The traction method is here delivered in an expertly created five-part device that adapts to meet your unique physical needs. In 24-karat gold, it’s the ultimate in hygiene, while each component is perfectly designed by the Andromedical team. With many of the millions of customers around the world reporting heightened confidence in their daily lives, you truly need look no further. No other device can stand up to the Andropenis!

Using Andropenis Gold

To calculate your personal size prior to using the device, measure your erect length and subtract 4 cm. Prepare the device by removing the top support, and adding as many axis as necessary to reach your personal size. To wear it, take the silicone band of the extender and insert the protective cushion into it. Gently pull your organ outward so that it is extended while still being flaccid, and then slide the device onto your organ, resting it on the upper depression. Push the base against your body the collapse the internal springs, and pull your glans through the upper loop. Reduce the loop by pulling both ends of the silicone band until firmly tightened. Be sure to read the full instructions, and follow the timeline progression guidance.


Andromedical takes huge pride in providing secure, safe, convenient and discreet products to aid your masculine concerns. With this in mind, it’s important to exercise sensible cautions. Patience is important when using it, and it’s crucial that you follow the included timelines, remembering that short time gain is not worth long-term pain and potential injury. Always prioritise safety ahead of immediacy. No person under the age of eighteen should engage in male enhancement.

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  • Good so far, i can't complain

    B Barry

  • think it's a bit wierd to leave reviews about enhancement devices but what the heck. It works! that's all i have to say.

    A Annonymous

  • Great stuff really.

    L Lance

  • Just got it today, lets see how it goes. Will keep you posted on the results. So excited!

    JW Jordan White

  • Just got it today, lets see how it goes. Will keep you posted on the results. So excited!

    JW Jordan White

  • Just got it today, lets see how it goes. Will keep you posted on the results. So excited!

    JW Jordan White

  • Phenomenal

    F Frank

  • Phenomenal

    F Frank

  • this thing works and its discreet. i wear it to work and no one gets to know. i am seeing the difference already

    BD Big Dude

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